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November 28, 2021, 02:24:47 pm
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Author Topic: WHAT IS CELESTIAL REALMS ABOUT  (Read 884 times)
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« on: June 17, 2011, 05:11:03 pm »


I've been asked this many times since Celestial Reamls was first built summer 2009 all rooms within being MINE at my request.

Mystical Gardens I refer to as MG is basic general chat. events happen between those chatting here and light Roleplay when its TOLD to us before hand or MAIN CHARACTER STORYLINE RP FOR THOSE TAKING THIER CHARACTERS TO MYSTIC VALLEY NEXT DOOR WHO HAVE JOINED THAT ROLEPLAY BEGINNING THEIR CHARACTERS IN MG...

Mystic Valley I refer to as MV..BEGINNER/NEWBIE/NOICE ROLEPLAY ROOM RP RULES ON ITS ENTRY EXPLAIN THIS. INVITE ONLY AFTER CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN STARTED WITH STAR IN MG OR MV ITSELF AND HAVE AN APPROVED CHARACTER SHEET POSTED ON THE CR FORUM WHICH IS THIS REALMS MESSAGE BOARD. Rp theme is fantasy based in 21st. century earth.Setting location is Highlands of Scotland where Mystical Gardens happens to be. Mg has a portal fairies of Pillywiggin built which leads directly to the courtyard of a castle within MV itself. Also MG is connected to MV on the GOTO pd it drops down showing Mystic Valley name. Only Mystical Gardens is set on earth. The only link to Mystic Valley is a portal found in MG unless you magically portal into MV which is a valley Odin himself created simulating earth in appearance to a point. Unearth like differences are noted.

Heavely Pleasures Temple is not connected in its rp to the other two rooms. its BDsM yes but very LIGHT in that no extremes are practiced here. Also it has roleplay aside and in conjunction with the BDsM theme. It's a renovated temple in a town in the Carolinas on the eastern coast of the USA, present day. Star is its Head Mistress and all who are members have a career which they play ICly aside from doing BDsM scening. Also this room will have occasional discussions of BDsM and occasional pics posted here for image exchange av making purposes..
This room has become lifestyle to many as well as newbie friendly role play. Not all rpers for example are playing Dom/Domme or submissive here. Some have chosen neither in that they have a career and Icly interact with those in the temple since the rooms RP setting has grown to become a whole town.
I have found teaching newbies rp choosing a human career they maybe somewhat familiar of makes learning the parameters of role playing easier since it's lighthearted. Some may choose to later take on a role of BDsM for Dominance or submission maybe even treating this room as their lifestyle room.
Read its entry for the BDsM room rules.
Bottom line it's a newbie friendly role play room where one room is OOC. Pretty relaxed often times comincal however it's an ADULT site thereby adult content will be present at any given time. Due to the sexual nature of Heavenly Pleasures I have restricted it's age limit to 21+ though I will not allow HP to ever become a fetish sex room. It's a ROLE PLAY SITE. Not a cyber sex site.

Celestial Arts is the new Image Exchange room where pic posting and auctions have taken place.

CR FORUM is the realms message board. Click its link another page opens. Once you register TELL ME so I can approve it and all rooms have sections which have multiple posts going on lots of reading to do on this board regarding role play ongoing in both the HP and MV rooms. Also Celestial Arts section now holds space for those designers who create designed avatars for those in our realm. Now our forum is not only our message board for the realm but also a functioning avatar design board.

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